Life would be so difficult and even boring without festivals. Have you ever experienced some difficult moments and no hopes of getting your happiness back? This is exactly what it means to live without festivals in our lives since all we need to get our joy and happiness back is being part of these festivals. As we interact with our families, friends and colleagues during these events we tend to forget our problems and the happiness during this day sticks in our minds such that the joy is retained over years.

Participating in various festivals is thus a key factor in changing our lives. In the online assignment help, various reasons have been stated out as to why festivals are great in changing lives.

What makes festivals important in life

1.Festivals fosters unity in the society

When we come together to celebrate various festivals, a sense of unity is instilled in us as we mingle during the event. Unity is all we need to survive in the current society since it is able to fight any obstacle that comes along our lives as a society. Being connected is also important in that we are able to accomplish various tasks in the community which as well as fosters the development and hence improving our way of living.

As a family, festivals tend to create a good time to interact with the kids as they feel free to open up about their personal problems and as result strengthening the family bonds and as well as our relationship with our friends and even colleagues.

2.Festivals promotes economic development

Every festival is usually accompanied by foods, drinks and fun moments as people dance and play together with their loved ones. Getting all these goods and services requires some transactions and this, therefore, boosts the nation’s economy as the government’s revenue is raised through the taxes imposed on the transactions made.

Businesses are also able to earn more profits and hence leading to more investments in the country. It thus very clear that festivals act as a catalyst to developments in the state and as well a push up to a positive change to the entire nation.

3.Taking care of the needy in the society

Coming together during various festivals creates a good moment to interact with all sorts of people as the rich extend their love to the poor to feed and even support them in their difficult situations. This, as a result, spreads a sense of brotherhood and faith as the entire community meet to enjoy and exchange gifts to their loved ones.

4.Promotes culture

Various festivals are based on cultural beliefs and norms and hence coming together to celebrate these occasion acts as a way of promoting our culture and passing the message to the next generation. The young kids and even the youths are told in the right way to live and interact with their elders during such occasions all meant to shape their behaviours.

It is very clear that festivals forms a basis to our happiness, peace and love for every other person in society and we, therefore, need to always be part of them.